This blog is dedicated to random conversations and the things that interest me on a daily basis. Namely cars, mma, laughter, engineering, and bjj. This blog is too random to ever be commercially viable, and so pointless that even my brother refuses to read it. California is awesome…i’m never leaving it again


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Taiwanian Says:

    JOSA f evers! (raising the roof – woAh woAh!!)

    – Alejandro B. Alverz

  2. allhustle Says:

    All the fobbiness that you try so hard to mask in real life comes out online. You should embrace your fobby side and start using mandarin slang in conversations with our classmates. Then when they don’t understand what you’re saying act like everone knows what you’re saying and walk away.

  3. Taiwanian Says:

    Wow, so hateful. All this from raising the roof? Hehe.

    People don’t like what they cant understand. Fictional History has proven this over and over again – x-men, E-T, King Kong.

    I’m ok with some fobbiness – otherwise Id just be another twinkie trying to be what I’m not.

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