When in Mexico

Don’t spell Mexico with a j. Only spanish people spell it Mejico, and nobody likes them or their fancy accents.

When in Mexico, at least when in Mexicali don’t eat any type of asian food. Despite having the largest ethnic Chinese population of any city in Mexico, the asian (Chinese, Japanese, or fusion) food is terribly disappointing. We’ve had 3 chinese places and 2 sushi/fusion places and they were all garbage. I honestly think I could open a Chinese restaurant in Mexicali and single handedly redefine “good” Chinese food for a 1/2 million people.

When in Mexico do eat tacos from a taco stand. You can taste the richness of the culture(probably lard) in every bite and for $5 you can get 4 or 5 tacos decent sized tacos and a drink. Try and get a taco stand that has a front door and windows though. I guess that would make it a taco restaurant, but just barely.

When in Mexico do let the site manager buy you lunch everyday (just not the local Chinese restaurant).

When in Mexico, get the huevos rancheras.

When in Mexico, eat brazilian bbq. It’s 1/2 the cost of what it is in the US.

When in Mexico, don’t assume people will stop at redlights. There are lots of cops in the city and people generally obey the signals, but there are a lot of people who run lights.

When in Mexico, don’t be surprised by the many levels of buearacracy that result in an endless number of delays. Don’t be surprised when no one apologizes for the delays or seems surprised that you’re upset about the delays.





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