Gritos and Calesthenics

Day 2 started around 4:30 am with jetlagged, but wide awake. The bed we slept on was the firmest bed I’ve ever slept on. Maybe 1/8 inch of sag which Liu Shuang’s mom says is good for your back. I went out for a walk with Silvia’s dad to get to know the neighborhood. Her parents live in a newer apartment building on a street with a couple dozen apartment buildings. At 6:30am on a Sunday, there were lots of people walking and at 7 they kicked off group exercise classes with music and an instructor counting out reps. Very cool. Later we ate Chinese food and then more Chinese food. I honestly can’t remember what we ate, but if I had to guess I’d say it involved some type of noodle in broth and pickled cabbage.


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