China- Airplane Delays

Everything at LAX went smoothly, originally are seats were behind one another, but Novia Liu managed to charm a guy into switching his aisle seat next to her for my middle seat. Downgrade for him, upgrade for me. Layover in Incheon was nice. Airport is super clean, food was tasty and reasonably priced. International airport in Beijing was also pretty nice. Beijing traffic was just as crazy as advertised. It’s not so much that people don’t obey traffic signals. People mostly stop on red, it’s just that whatever happens between red lights is pretty much up to you. In a lot of places you’re sharing the road with bikes, scooters, and these 3 wheel trucks that seem to be everywhere in China. On the trip from airport to airport in Beijing I don’t think we ever got moving faster than 60-70 kmh. I noticed that there are long body Audi and BMW’s everywhere, but they’re all 6 cylinders. Makes sense really, since you wouldn’t be able to go any faster if you had the bigger engine. Silvia’s cousin works for a domestic airline and had warned us that are flight was only ontime 47% of the time. Naturally are flight was delayed about 3 hours and the local Beijing Airport was not that entertaining. Oh well. Silvia’s parents picked us up at the airport in Baotou in a Buick station wagon. (It’s tiny, but capable.) Silvia was literally dancing around the house within the 1st hour of us being Baotou. She also did her happy walk which involves puffing out her chest and strutting around like I imagine the monopoly man would. Kinda cute


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