Gym Fails

My schedule this week has been kind of funky, but in an effort to come back from 2 months of mosty sedentary living I’ve gone to the gym  a couple of time later than I would normally go. Boy do you see some things at 24hr fitness that you can’t help but shake your head at. Not all 24hr gyms suck, the one in City of Industry has more buff Asian guys than i’ve ever seen in my life with the possible exception of UCI’s gym. Ladies if you wanna marry a big manly korean guy that’s place you need to be after work.Lots of mirin to be done. Monterey Park gym on the other hand has a lot of ughhh interesting exercises going on. No judgment, just Lols. Highlights included


  • 50ish asian guy dancing in front of the dumbell rack. Not salsa or waltz, more of a sexy time dance. Maybe he was trying to impress the younger guy doing medicine ball chicken head situps.
  • Younger effiminate black guy dancing and doing the chicken head situps. He got a big pink bouncy ball out and did a stretching routine that included dry humping the ball and then proceeded to alternate pull-ups with crunches on the ball. Not normal crunches he used the bounce of the ball and his hands to pull himself up and did the fastest sit-ups i’ve ever seen in my life. A lot of really fast bouncy sit-ups.
  • I’m at the gym, but I don’t sweat asian ladies. too many to count. High five for being at the gym, shame for your family because you somehow manage to spend one hour exercising without sweating or breathing hard or even dancing in the mirror.
  • Deadlift 90lbs guy. Yes I understand that we all start someplace, but if you deadlift 90lbs you don’t need to occupy the squat rack. You can grap a barbell 100lb barbell and set up in a quiet corner.
  • Also the female trainer who’s on some type of AAS. I’ve never run into a woman at the gym I thought was on Steroids. Looking back maybe a couple of them were on light doses, but this young woman seriously is starting to look like Brawley from DBZ so I feel pretty confident that something more serious than protein powder and Creatine is going on .

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