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December 27, 2013

nsx_red_chicago jdm

Red Japanese Sports Cars get me everytime


Cadillac Coupe deVille 64

December 11, 2013

Cadillac Coupe deVille 64

Bags and white walls. Done da dun, Done! $16k on craigslist. Long hood, surprisingly cramped back seat, humongous trunk. Not at all practical, but does it get anymore pimpin than this?

Katt’s Back

December 11, 2013

Katt’s “new” special is remarkably similar to his old 2010 and 2011 specials, but I like it just the same. When i’m worried i’ll have trouble sleeping I just put on Katt Williams or Dave Chapelle and I knock out in less than 5 minutes.

I also love that Katt Williams loves swamp people. I’ve killed all kinds of time watching episodes of swamp people. It’s crazy┬áthat there are still people killing baby dinosaur sized primordial reptiles with what are essentially bb guns. I wouldn’t want to hunt a pitbull with a .22. It’s got zero stopping power and these people are filling dozens of tags with them.

Clutch in crisis

December 6, 2013

In the 25th or so hour go heof my 28hr shift I put this song on sang along. Suprisingly it wasn’t that stressful. I really felt that we would manage installing the pump in time and then i’d go back to the hospica