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Lexus LS 4 and a Half

November 25, 2013

Lexus LS 4 and a Half

Biggie was right when it comes to mid 2000’s luxury, this is the car you want to own. You can get an S55 or 745il with a sticker over $100k for less than $20k now because 1) their shapes aren’t aging super well and 2) the maintenance on a $20k Mercedes S-Class is still just as expensive as it is on a $100k S-Class. For me this is the car that says I’m from socal and I’ve made it. Sure most people won’t recognize Kbreak or Japanese market badges, but you get all the over the top luxury stuff you’d get with a German car and way less headache. Do you know what car from the era had the highest percentage of owners say they’d buy another? Guess, not any Ferrari, Porsche, not Beemer, Benz, or Bentley….Lexus 430. People who bought them loved the crap out of them.



November 25, 2013

GF’s Money Saving Advice

November 25, 2013

Me: I’ve been really good about not spending any money to fix up the truck

Novia Liu: Baby, instead of spending money you can always jack off. It’s free. 

Me: (Dies laughing)

When I grow Up

November 15, 2013

When I grow Up

I usually love any movie that has Shaolin in the title especially the ones where kids beat people up.