What happened to old cars being cheap?

What happened to old cars being cheap?

I’m a big fan of Bringatrailer.com. I probably check it an average of twice a day when i’m on site because they do a good job of posting interesting cars and the Porsche and BMW geeks go hard at each other over the crazy money that people are starting to pay for Porsche 356’s and E30 M3’s.

Sidebar: Do you know how much you’ll pay for a “proper” 356 restoration? Easily upwards of $100,000… For a car that has a vw engine and doesn’t look as good as a half dozen cars from the late 1960’s and early 70’s.

Anyways, yesterday bat posted a 1932 Ford Sedan selling for $100k. today they posted a coupe that looks pretty similar to the untrained eye for $18k, and it got me thinking about the huge price differences you see for similar cars. Honestly, I don’t think i’d ever buy a car I wouldn’t feel comfortable driving a car I had to worry about someone nicking in the 99 ranch parking lot. Some old cars you can’t just take too a bodyshot or buy parts from a catalog and that sucks. Ditto for trucks that are too nice too drive. One of these red C10’s t is $35,000 and one is $6,500. Cheaper one probably makes more hp…


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