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Drive home

July 18, 2013

R Kelly- Go Getta Remix followed by this. His falsetto is so pure you can’t help but feel alive.


Warble ftw

July 10, 2013

I have a feeling i’ll have a long tem love affair with Ellie Goulding’s voice


July 6, 2013


G Noses are growing on me. Still thinking they look a little too E-type Jag, but with the flares and some fender mirrors it’s a pretty clean look.

4th of July

July 6, 2013

Driving back from dinner with my folks we started seeing all these fireworks coming from people’s backyards. Big fireworks. the kind I always associated with professionals…just big ass fireworks coming out of people’s backyards lighting up the neighborhoods on both sides of the 110. I don’t remember what song was playing on the radio, but it was the perfect song. For some reason people shooting off illegal fireworks made me feel really happy. Grateful even to be back living in LA.