Surprisingly good

Heist, the whole Macklemore and Ryan Lewis album. Probably my favorite hip-hop album since Jadaskiss circa 2005. I usually can’t make it thru an album, let alone a whole hip-hop album because there just isn’t enough good content to keep me interested.

I like how he’s adressing a lot of the issues in hip-hop head on. People spending money they don’t have to impress other broke people (thriftshop), homophobia(same love, awake), and the sizzurp/drank/promenthezine epidemic. In some parts of the country it’s very common for hs students to use it as a party drug in part because southern rap and now more mainstream rappers like YCMB have championed it. C’mon guys, Mac Dre died of an overdose years ago, Pimp C went the same way a couple years ago, and just last week little week Weezy ended up in the ICU for allegedly o’ding on the same stuff.


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