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Abbey Road goodness

March 30, 2013

So happy Cory got the job he wanted and is moving down to join Fresno south aka Fresnans in LA/OC next month. Welcome back Cory!


Got Me Up All Night

March 13, 2013 URL

Whoever is writing J Cole’s hooks deserves every penny they get. When was the last time hip hop made you feel satisfied and wistful in the same song? Makes me wanna text my gf kisses and smiley faces.

In other news, two Fresno friends are an interview away from rejoining “Fresno South” in lovely Orange County. Short of family moving to this part of the world I don’t think the 559 could make me any happier.

Full Speed Ahead

March 13, 2013

I haven’t had to go out for an installation or repair since I got back from German in mid-December. It’s a bit deceptive really. If we weren’t shipping 6 pumps and helping bring a new plant online this summer I’d be tempted to think that the whole year was going to be me working from home 2 or 3 days a week and going to Mexico for meetings once a month. Still, in a perverse way traveling has generally helped my relationships with friends and family. People miss you more when you’re not as readily available.


March 10, 2013


Not my parents 240D


March 6, 2013


March 6, 2013
Obama lays it down

Obama lays it down