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Those days look…

February 22, 2013

Those days look like these days / except for maybe these grays / But that’s just my salt and pepper, my heart and soul won’t live forever / Whatever…
It’s gonna come some day, so come what may and I pray it comes
We’re still gonna run like strays, purr like kittens, and bang a gong
We’ve sang our songs, we’ve seen the war, we’re living that and more
Knowing even the greatest dancers in the world are bound to leave the dance floor


Team The Best Team

February 15, 2013

When the days get longer I feel like I have sooo much energy I don’t know what to do with it all. Work is picking up, people are coming to visit, i’m learning new stuff everyday…It’s husslin’ season!

An American

February 1, 2013

I’m happy with my employer, I have a great g/f, and I ate too much mexican candy.

None of them are American in origin, but they’re all here now and that’s what’s important.

Steve McQueen

February 1, 2013

Like Paul Newman I admire Steve McQueen more for what he accomplished when he wasn’t acting.

I woke up stronger than evahhhhhhh