99 luftballo seriesons

Almost done. So very close to finishing the installation after a couple of delays the last few days that had me on pins and needles. I asked my host for directions to a laundromat and he invited me over to have dinner with his family and use his washing machine. One thing I noticed about German offices and living areas is an abundance of good wood. Not the carboard type crap that is everywhere in office furnishings in the US, but nice heavy solid pieces of wood. Also, while Germans enjoy beer, they also seem to be very fond of red wine. I’m in a region of Germany less than an hour from the French border so I guess that makes sense.

I’m still planning a whole post on cars, but today I saw something that shocked me. A new 5 series with cloth seats. Why I asked? How did this happen? I’m glad I didn’t make a bigger deal out of it because it turned out nobody’s car had leather. German automakers have always played the options game. You can get a 3 series or a C-class for $x, but it doesn’t include any options. Whereas lexus and Acura make everything standard and have only a few options, everything on German cars is an option. As it turns out leather is one of the last options to get picked in Germany. People would rather have A/C or radio (yes an option) or a navigation system before paying the extra euros for leather. German cars are synonymous with luxury and for us that means leather, but for the Germans it just means having a German car. In their defense, some of the cloth patters i’ve seen are pretty sweet and Recaros seem to be everywhere and in everything. Cars, trucks…cranes. 


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