German time



I’ve been in Germany for about 40 hours now. So far i’ve been most impressed by how cold it is and how friendly people are. Men end phone conversation with a “cheers” that sounds a little bit fruity to these ears. Kind of like how my roommate in college would sing “buh-bye” at the end of conversations in his Chinese accent. I had time to do some people watching at the airport while I was waiting for my ride I noticed that Germans are in fact tall and seem to be in a generally good mood. 

Wagons and diesel engines seem to be the most common cars on the road. I’m driving a Mercedes A180, which is essentially a diesel powered Honda Fit only it has navigation and doesn’t ride as well.

Food has been interesting. I had Ganse brust last night which is a traditional Christmas goose served in gravy. It came with Kartoffelkloesse (traditional potato dumplings), kraut, and some kind of sweet nut. Supposedly the nut grow wild in the forest and used to be a staple of starving German villagers. If you could collect enough nuts in November and December you’d be able to make it thru the winter.  


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