Stuff I like

OC Weekly: Surprisingly good reporting of the news and a good news of the weird type countdown of the worst people in OC hooked me..

Tim Ferris Blog and upcoming 4HR Chef Book. – Like Kiva, but instead of lending to small businesses you’re funding the education of students. If you want to help improve people’s quality of life in the developing world put your money where your mouth is and loan money suckas

TED Talks: Goodluck finding a bad one. They’re fascinating. -self explanatory

Orca Whales – I watched a national geo special and the latest theory is that orcas originally from “LA” have developed a way to hunt great white sharks. The best part is that great whites in the area are able to sense that one of their brethen has been killed and it freaks them out so much that they instantly dive and move to a different hunting area. Scientists are testing the use of fresh shark guts to keep sharks away from areas heavily populated by surfers…

Ford SuperDuty Diesel Trucks – I hit a deer and got two flats this week driving to and from the jobsite. Add in other flats and roadkill and i’m at 1 bird, several snakes, and 7 flats. A flat in the summer is inconvenient, but when it’s 20deg outside and pitch black it’s unpleasant and dangerous. I’d like to stop renting and start driving to sites which means a truck that gets good mileage. Ideally a diesel because they’re buff and get surprisingly good mileage. Case in point, a 7,000lb F250 with a 7.3L diesel gets about the same mileage as a 5,000lb tundra and will probably last a lot longer too. Plus diesels are to laborers what the german sedan is to businessmen. A new fully optioned diesel truck easily tops $50k. It’s a sign you’ve made it and plan to be around for a while.

The Longest lasting most dependable blah blah blah

Twin Shadow – sounds like the cure. More than a little bit.


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