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October 31, 2012

I got a honeybun, no not a chick, i got a honeybun


The xx Glastonbury

October 30, 2012

Every concert should open with a song called Intro. Expect a lot of xx related content in the next few days


October 29, 2012

My boss is floated the idea of sending me to Germany for a week to represent the company at the commissioning of a powerplant with our equipment. He presented it like a vacation as a reward for all the overtime I worked this month. How much? If I was a lawyer I’d have billed about 280 hours so far. Anyway, it’s not an entirely altruistic gesture on his part because Germany is freezing cold this time of year and his wife wants him home so it’s not like i’m getting an amazing vacation on the company’s dime for no reason. Still it’d be nice to go. Germany has great…car museums. Yes, I could care less about the discos or the people, but I’d like to drive the Ring and see the new Porsche Museum. Eat some Italian food(thanks Jane) and i’ve heard they do pastries well. 

Heavy Fuel Consumption

October 25, 2012

What classic costs 3x as much as it did new and gets 10mpg? this F-250 with a Cat 3208 diesel and Allison tranny. Engine tranny combo is what you’d have found in a dump or water truck back then so it should be pretty potent in a truck that weighs half as much. I still think I could do a C10 with a 4bt for less, but 13,000 is actually a fair price considering it’s a 4 x 4 and the work he put into it.

Is he?

October 22, 2012

A little confused about Frank Ocean’s orientation since he’s admittedly into guys, but I guess that doesn’t mean you can’t love the most beautiful women in the world 😉 John Mayer should just give up on singing and be like a slash jr. No solo work, just hoeing himself out to do guitar work for rap and R&B.

My children will probably be conceived while listening to Frank Ocean or the Weeknd. Just felt like that sharing that…

Hunter S

October 22, 2012

Drive Fast

with a quickness

October 21, 2012


October 18, 2012

1st day off in 3 weeks and all I wanna do is go to the gym and watch youtube videos of guys using Starcraft lines to pick up girls. I was driving home from bjj last night and kept thinking to myself “I love Costa Mesa, I love Irvine, I love Orange, I love tustin, I love all this highway at night when there’s no traffic” and it’s true. Clients always think my rent is crazy high and our traffic is unbearable, but when the weather is right and you’ve got memories to make, boba to drink, and friends to see I don’t think you could ask for a better quality of life. Also…

My dating coach is having a baby! Small secret I had a crush on her when we were coworkers at Chevron and I thought about asking her to hang out…luckily she got engaged before that happened and it’s worked out for the best. Her dating advice usually boils down to be a man(it sounds smarter with her accent). So I call first and text second, and don’t play games. Congrats tam! Both you and your husband aren’t bad looking for being soooo old. I hope the baby grows up to be a mad scientist like his mom or an architect like his dad.

Happy Birthday

October 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to my sister! We’re getting older, but we’re also getting funnier and richer. I wish I could have been home, but I had to work because we’ve had some big delays with this project. I’ve worked 3 weekends in a row now, 17 straight days, and I’l make about the same amount of money I did my first year out of school. It’s not exciting, but luckily life’s not a sprint or even a middle distance race. I feel good about life in part because I think within 2 or 3 years I’ll have the ability to work from home and travel less than 80 days a year which is basically awesome. No commute in socal and being pretty much the top guy in my own little organization chart.

For a while I almost forgot that I’m a winner kids. I credit the events that transpired in the fall of 2008 for laying me out, and the ensuing fog that took a good 2 years to clear for my current pleasant disposition. Luckily, i’m a real fucking tiger. Lol.

October 13, 2012

All things go…I could spend hours trying to find the best cover of this song.