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Missed phone calls

August 31, 2012

I don’t get any reception here because I have Metro PCS and there are sacrifices you make when you pay $40/month for unlimited talk and text on a stand alone plan. Yesterday I got bad news, my boss isn’t paying me the bonus we’d discussed for my last trip. Good news, i’m getting a nice raise effective next month. Don’t worry guys, I won’t let the money change me. Mostly because i’m planning to load up my Roth IRA and put money aside for a wedding/car. Whichever comes first you know? Probably the car the way things seem to be going, but you never know. 68-72 C10’s are looking nice right now.


Stay Schemin

August 30, 2012

Sometimes I like me some garden variety pop-rap. Drake’s verse is about 2.7x better than

the others.


FYF Fest t-minus 5 days

August 28, 2012

So excited I have a ticket for FYF on Saturday and M83 is playing. All that stands in my way is one little pump installation, and a flight home.

7 Dwarves

August 27, 2012

I’m always grumpy the night  before a work trip. Saddened by the inevitable loss of the comforts and habits I enjoy so much while i’m at home. Once i’m onsite I usually feel pretty good though. I suspect tomorrow will be no different. 

Olympic Stories

August 25, 2012

In 2012, Steiner became famous for dropping a snatch attempt on his neck and scaring the shit out of everyone. 4 years ago in Beijing he won a gold medal. The heaviest lift in the heaviest weight category, Steiner was for at least a day the most powerful, if not the strongest man on earth. He pulled 500+ lbs from the ground and put it over his head. It’s unfathomable. If you’ve ever held even a 200 or 300lbs at waist level you quickly realize how crazy it is to think that someone could lift it over head.

I’ll admit I cried up watching the video. Steiner’s wife was killed in a car accident prior to the games, and he absolutely loses it when completes the lift. He makes the lift and then goes crazy.

Formula for Success

August 22, 2012

“Rise early, work hard, strike oil.” J. Paul Getty

Little Hurricane

August 21, 2012


August 15, 2012

K-town tonight and tomorrow…food, no Karaoke. Ehsaan has to be the worst guy at keeping in touch, but every time I see him I feel like we’re sitting next to each other in 4th grade trying to sing Boys II Men. My brother and his sister used to have a thing in middle school, and he’s back to not drinking so I feel a certain kinship with his flaky ass that is hard to describe. HOLY Shit! We’ve been friends for 15years! One more reason to look forward to Zain’s wedding next month. 

RIP Bernie Mac

August 13, 2012

I enjoy black humor. Not that MASH ish, no no. Def Comedy Jam Black

the XX

August 10, 2012

this post is pro-XX propaganda:

Apparently alcohol is almost as bad for you as crystal meth. I don’t even know anyone who will admit to doing meth and I think that’s for the best cuz if you have less than 4 degrees of separation between you and someone using meth they’re probably gonna rob you. 

I’m also going to go ahead and admit that the study is right about weed. I know a lot of regular smokers and they seem to be a little less ambitious and a little fatter, but they hold down jobs and are generally pleasant people. What you can’t do is pretend that smoking more than once a day is compatible with being a responsible adult. It‘s not.