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Lace Up

July 29, 2012

Didn’t like this version and then the percussion kicked in and I loved it.



July 29, 2012

I met with a new friend(‘friend’?, “friend”?) this morning to talk about our online dating experiences. For my part, I haven’t been super successful(understatement of the year), but I don’t have any horror stories either. Anyway, this woman said she’d been on Match for 3 weeks and hadn’t gotten any responses. “Any responses from guys you’re interested in or any responses period ?” I asked, thinking that naturally she’d confused the two. “Both” she said. She went on to confess that she’d even messaged 13 different guys thinking maybe her profile was intimidating potential matches. I met her thru jiu-jitsu so I know she’s kind of a ninja, and she’s also kind of a physics phd candidate at a good school so you know off the bat she’s blessed with some serious brain power. She’s also kinda blond and good looking. Not crazy make you forget your own name hot, but definitely attractive enough that a lot of guys should be interested in getting to know her. Wtf? this is PRECISELY the kind of woman you want on your team fellas. wtf? wtf? wtf? Yet, none of the 13 guys she’d messaged had responded to her. I tried to tell her the internets were crazy for not showing her love, but I didn’t want to overdo it. Afterall I didn’t know her outside of class. Maybe she was awkward or talked physics all the time? As we walked around the farmers market I quickly realized she was charming as shit. She spoke a couple of  words to an old Italian couple and they hugged her, gave me free fruit, and then hugged her again. Different vendors recognized her by name and stopped to talk with her. She talked about everything except what she did in her lab, although I suspect she might have thought I wouldn’t be up to the conversation. I wasn’t too upset because she may have been right.


 the whole experience was both uplifting and rather depressing. On a positive note, this is PRECISELY the kind of woman you want on your team. On the other hand she’s got zero interest in hollerin’ at yours truly and has had zero success getting guys to notice her. A perfect example of why venn diagrams aren’t as fun when you get older. 

Daily Wisdom

July 27, 2012

“Forget for a moment that the event’s title included Noons’ moniker or that it was held in his native Hawaii or that he needed just 48 seconds to stop Yves Edwards in the featured attraction. None of that mattered to Nick Diaz, who was brought into the cage to hype a future bout between the two men at the conclusion of the show’s festivities.

Noons, who defeated Diaz via doctor stoppage at EliteXC “Renegade” on Nov. 10, 2007, further antagonized the Stockton, Calif., native by asking the hometown crowd if Diaz deserved a rematch; the question was greeted by a chorus of boos, to which Diaz famously replied: “Don’t be scared, homie.”

Things quickly devolved from there, with Noons’ father jawing at the Diaz camp and vice versa. The war of words escalated into a brief scuffle and ended with both of the Diaz brothers flashing their usual brand of sign language at the top of the entrance ramp.”



July 25, 2012

Don’t get too comfortable with sadness,
sadness is not your friend.
Never allow sadness to linger unnecessarily.
Sadness can be comforting,
but it will eat your life away as it so often does.

I don’t think you’re right for him

July 23, 2012

My dad is a year older today. I hadn’t seen him in a few months and he seemed skinnier than the last time I saw him. He’s definitely lost some muscle in his arms from not being able to lift or work hard on account of his arthritis. He felt good on the steroids his doctor was prescribing, but he’s been trying to ease himself off and it hasn’t been going 100% so far. We talked pushups and yoga and how a little of both might help him. I think I definitely get some of my old man tendencies from him. I wanted to do a little something extra for him this year, so we went out to eat 2x instead of once and then he wanted to exercise and go to the gym for a long soak.

For someone who is active any nagging injury that curtails your activity can have a drastic effect on your mood. Last month I couldn’t straighten my right arm with any force because I got caught during class. I like the guy who did it, he’s super nice and go out of his way to teach me stuff. I wasn’t even mad at myself for not tapping faster, I was just upset that I couldn’t do the things I normally did the way I wanted to do them. the risk of injury(serious or nagging) is a big part of why I don’t have an R6 or RR600. Not being able to move the way I’m accustomed to really puts me in a bad place spiritually. I worry that getting old will be like a hundred nagging injuries that don’t go away, but hopefully I can continue to age gracefully.

that kind of night

July 23, 2012

what race is this chick
Got home at 5 am after a night of dancing, swimming, and being hit on by a touchy-feely Brazilian. Love those kinds of nights.

not latina
swimming says white girl

“being hit on by a touchy-feely Brazilian”

who the fuck writes these statuses

white girls and white washed asians
that was gonna be my second guess

she’s not even an annoying white girl
just when she writes statuses


America Not the Greatest

July 18, 2012

Awesome scene from Newsroom

El Centro

July 18, 2012

I drove down to El Centro for a submission wrestling tournament on Saturday. I didn’t cut any weight, but lucked out in that they didn’t have a ton of people in the weight division right below me so they combined the two groups and I ended up being one of the heavier guys in my bracket. 1st match the guy was wearing wrestling shoes and a hs wrestling shirt. From experience some guys who wrestled in hs still suck at wrestling, but I didn’t want to take any changes so I danced around for a few seconds and then jumped guard. I was able to get half and then full guard almost immediately and then he spent about 3 minutes stalling. I tried an armbar and pretended to go for guillotines and eventually he got tired and let me back up. I was kind of tired too, but he looked super winded so I got up on the balls of my feet like I was still fresh and tried to initiate an over under clinch. He didn’t fight too much and once I had it I was able to get him off balance and put him on his back with an outside trip. First real takedown i’ve hit in a couple years because we don’t have the mat space at the school and it felt great. I was up on pts and time was running out so I kind of wussed out and played it safe. He tried to buck and roll to his knees in typical wrestler style, but I was able to hold him down till time ran out.

My 2nd match was against another guy in wrestling shoes, but he was a lot stronger and more athletic. I jumped guard again and immediately realized this guy was really strong and his passing sucked. Of course he wasn’t wearing a shirt so he was slick as shit and he knew enough not to put his hands on the mat. I tried to work the arm/shoulder lock series we’d worked in class, but he was able to pull his arm out before I could torque it. I had a couple of submissions attempts that were close and would have counted as advantages if it had been a bjj tournament. We were tied when time expired, but without advantages or a judges decision we went to sudden death. I was gassed and didn’t think I could catch him so I didn’t pull guard. He shot in half heartedly and I got the over-under again and dragged him down. Only I didn’t secure the takedown and he immediately rolled me over. Womp womp. I felt like he might have suckered me a little bit with the takedown because it came a little too easily, but maybe he was just that tired too. the ref congratulated me on a good match and said he thought I had the takedown too.

Lessons Learned: My closed guard game isn’t too bad against lower level guys. If I stay active they get scared and just try to defend sub attempts.
I need no-gi sweeps from close guard. Butterfly sweeps should be my bread and butter, but I haven’t gotten the timing down yet.
Just cuz a guy wears wrestling shoes doesn’t mean I can’t take him down. I felt very comfortable in the clinch though and felt like I could impose my will on most guys if I can get the over under.

Lift Heavy

July 18, 2012

A decade of gymnastics and years of heavy squats and olympic weightlifting. Surely she has huge muscles and isn’t that femine looking anymore? Wrong again. Camille’s closing in on a 300lb squat and can do pull-ups all day. Still a stone cold fox.


All Human Wisdom

July 14, 2012

All human wisdom can be summed up in two words, wait and hope.