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May 30, 2012

very accurate


travel plans

May 30, 2012

Oregon for at least a few more days. Burley, Idaho and maybe Mammoth,CA for pump installations in the next few weeks. My boss keeps teasing me with the possibility of a trip to Germany for a new powerplant, but I doubt he’ll pass up the chance to go since he gets treated like royalty by the client.

Boise sometime this week if I get off work at a decent hour and finally have a day where I don’t have to be onsite at 7am. Sometime later this summer Vegas(Drysdales gym, cobra kai, and tapout), and then Houston. Houston is the 4th biggest city in the country and I have no reason whatsoever to visit…but Southwest goes there and if I don’t start spending some of my points they’re going to expire and then i’ll be pissed. I’m thinking they have to have good bjj and bbq, and some kind of interesting “cultural” stuff. I’m getting the flight and hotel for free so….I’m trying to convince myself to be spontaneous or ask for days off, but i’m still not that not excited about it. Houston it is though. Maybe i’ll just work my way down the list of the 10 biggest cities in the U.S. Hmmm. Quick wiki search reveals that after Houston i’d go to Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, and Dallas. I’ve already been to the others, and don’t have much interest in visiting any of them except NY. My family is all on Long Island, but I have some good memories in Queens and Manhattan and wouldn’t mind going back…not solo though. I’ve already spent way too many hours riding around the city by myself.

Looking like I could be Neeeyahhh Longgggg

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May 29, 2012

I’ve heard more than a couple of women talk about not wanting to work out for fear of being too muscular. It’s really hard for women to get really “buff” naturally btw, especially when you’re lifting the pink weights or doing mostly cardio. Ijs guys don’t get big muscles from doing taebo or curling 15lb dumbells. I ran across this when I was reading bjj blogs and it made my day…


Last week my mom wrote me an email in which she asked–again–if BJJ was “deforming” my body, by which she means, of course, if I am yet as muscly as a muscly guy. (She has a female cousin who did karate for a while, but rapidly stopped because it was “deforming” her body. Whatever that really means, it has apparently stuck to my mom’s mind.)

This supposition greatly offends me, for two reasons: 1) the sheer, ignorant stupidity of it. Women couldn’t become as muscly as men, even if they tried. We just don’t have enough testosterone. 2) the assumption that there is a right shape for the female body to be, vs a wrong shape, and what this “right shape” is. But let’s develop these two points further.

1) That’s right, the muscle mass is directly related to genetics, more precisely to sexual hormones. Men are supposed to have more muscle than women (just like women are supposed to have, at least proportionally, more fat than men), or at least let’s say that for the same amount of training, men will gain more muscle than women. A woman will not grow the same muscle mass, through BJJ or any other sport, even if she trains the same as a man.

OK, sure, but what about these professional female athletes? They are sometimes pretty muscular, if not as much as their male counterparts.

And the key word here is… professional! I’m not a professional, not even an amateur athlete. I am a hobbyist, training 2 to 3 times a week max. I actually find it offensive that most people don’t seem to realize how much time, work and dedication is required to have a body like that. Not that it is necessarily a good thing, or something you’d want, but show a little respect! It is hard, and it doesn’t happen by chance or by mistake. (Of course, I am talking about building muscles naturally. If you show me a woman on steroids, then I will still never be like her.)

2) In French, “déformer” literally means “to un-shape”. So I would really like to know, what is the right shape of my body? Maybe I should give you some context. It is true, that since I have started doing sports, my body shape has slightly strayed from a model’s measurements… I do have a little more flesh about my bones. And you know what? It feels great!

I think we could take a little time to realize that, not only are female models only representative of one possible body type (tall and skinny), but that they are the weak, passive version of that body type! You can’t change your body type, can you? So that means I will always be tall and skinny, right? Except you can only be as tall and skinny as a model if you don’t move around too much.

When you think about it, most traits traditionally considered feminine, or beautiful in a woman, imply that the woman shouldn’t do too much. Long hair? I used to have pretty long hair. When I decided to get more serious about sports I cut it, because while it’s possible to do sports with very long hair, it does get in the way (and have you thought about how annoying it gets in the shower after every training?). Pretty hands and nails? Gone forever, I am sad to say. You can’t keep truly pretty nails if you work with your hands (or if you do BJJ). Still, in spite of all that, I am relieved to notice that I still look unmistakably like a girl (at any rate, definitely not like a guy!).

But this isn’t just about me. My mom’s concern for my body’s shape only echoes most women’s concern about their own bodies. Sure, as I pointed out in my first point, women and men do have different bodies… but not always that different either. Why is it that any similarity between genders seems so threatening, so worrisome? Have you noticed how beauty canons, rather than stand for the average man or woman, instead emphasize, even exaggerate what is typically male, and what is typically female? Men we consider good-looking are usually muscly to a point that is impossible for women to achieve; women we consider good-looking are exceptionally thin, or have very big breasts, something equally impossible for a man to achieve, etc. Yet beyond purely genetic facts, some of these traits actually suggest specific roles and natures attached to men and women: men get to be physically strong, powerful, capable; while women get to do basically nothing…

As far as I’m concerned, building some muscle has boosted my self-confidence immensely, both in general as a person, and looks-wise. Looking like a model isn’t my goal at all anymore; but I do wish there were more women modeling with different body types and shapes!”


Sassy in the free world

May 27, 2012

Why would you go to the ground with Paul Sass? It’s probably not going to end well…

Car blogs

May 27, 2012

If you’re an og car creeper you should know…all the best car blogs pre-date tumblr

S15 lookin speedy

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Still an animal

May 25, 2012

I really really like this version of Mike Snow’s song.

Buchecha! So quick for a big guy. He’s bigger now btw

2 things

May 23, 2012

Lately i’ve been trying to do just 2, maybe 3, things a day. It’s an idea I got from tim Ferris(I’m always going to be a big tim ferris fanboy). You really don’t have that many super critical things to get done in 1 day. I don’t either. Very few people do, and for that reason it’s counter productive to worry about all the little things that you may not get done the following day. I usually make one of the things(errand or goal) a gimme. Something that I have complete control over, something that is good for my health or personal development. For example, tomorrow I will eat a Burger King apple something something chicken salad for lunch. I already bought the salad. I’m probably going to eat lunch tomorrow. Eat lunch and i’ve just achieved 1/2 of my goals for the day. 

Gymnastics to crossfit to icon

May 19, 2012

Just cuz I feel like no one is going to play this song for me anytime soon…


May 18, 2012

Buchecha has been training/teaching at our school the past few weeks. A lot of brazilian bjj guys have cool nick names. Buchecha’s comes from the chubby cheeks he sported when he first started training as a teenager. When I saw him I honestly thought he weighed about as much as I did and competed at a lower weight cuz he’ so lean. Come to find out he weighs around 230lbs! He seems like a pretty friendly guy who will be sucessfull when he decides to open his own school.

If you can do ballet, you can do anything…


May 17, 2012

I don’t really care for new Death Cab music, but I’m still a huge fan of the band. Halfway thru the video Ben Gibbard stops and talks about how the song is about young love and his efforts to try and capture how abundant opportunties are for people in their youth. He goes on to talk about how as we age our opportunities to do whatever we want gradually diminish….definitely less inspiring, but today I feel optimistic that my opportunities are still fairly abundant. tomorrow I go to Oregon for at least a couple of weeks to install 4 pumps. Not Portland hipsters, Ontario. Ontario, Oregon. Actually the site is 40 miles west of Ontario, but Ontario is only a little over an hour from Boise, so at some point during my trip i’ll get to pay Chris and Mrs. Jensen a visit. See? Optimism.