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Relationship Advice

March 29, 2012

A couple years ago a younger friend of mine told me I’d get more girls if I wore nice shoes and a throwback. this week she told me that people need to understand how her “relationship” works…”Either it’s 50-50 or he’s my bitch, I ain’t gonna be somebody’s bitch. Ha. No”

I think it’s pretty good advice, especially for ladies who are unsure about the dynamics of their relationship



March 29, 2012

I figured out how to describe my job today. I’m the magician’s apprentice, somedays I do mortar and pestel type work that anyone else could do, but occasionally I do things that very few other people can do…Magic

independent hip hop and its effect on youth

March 23, 2012

Don’t kid yourself, slavery and institutionalized racism are still alive and well in 2012.

Slavery in 2012 -CNN vid

5 mics, 3 thumbs up, 11/10….

When you met me I was 3-6, Pimp C, Bun B, 8 Ball and MJG

March 22, 2012

Northern Nevada has a disproportionately large number of friendly people, and people with some seriously f’d up grills. Also Winnemucca(in northern Nevada) has 1000 hotel rooms, 30 restaurants, and great shopping…at least that’s what the billboard on highway 80 says. Advertising is about selling your strenghs, so it’s better not to mention half those restaurants are in sad little casino and the town only has 4 or 5 traffic lights. Whatever makes you happy guys. 




How is Frank Ocean not doing Drake numbers? this guy is awesome


March 16, 2012

I was watching a show about lowriders on Hulu to kill time and watched some cholitos spend $3,000 for a compass for their 40’s chevy. the compass was a rare factory option that probably cost like $10 back then…Really helped me feel better about thinking about powder coating my suspension pieces gold/brass. the color I was looking at is called brass, but it looks more goldish to me. Still undecided since you can’t see most of the suspension most of the time especially if I lower the car, but then again gold control arms and sway arms would be soooo chiny. Yes chiny.

I think when I’m older and richer i’ll build a 50’s custom. Here’s a car that is probably worth it’s weight in chrome for $4k.

the 5% nation

March 15, 2012

An offshoot of Islam founded by a member of Malcolm X’s camp, the 5% Nation has influenced a lot of NY hip hop artists including Wu-tang, Nas, and Busta Rhymes. Have you ever wondered why Busta refers himself to the “the god” in some of his songs? 5% nation. Even the development of the cipher is due in part to the preaching and gathering of 5%’s who sought to deliver their message to people on the street.

PE season

March 15, 2012

When the days get longer I can’t help but feel optimistic. 70+ in costa mesa today, 27 saturday morning at the job site in Nevada. I’m seriously thinking about investing in some hand warmers.

Before Flavor Flave laid his game out flat and tried to wife a bunch of hussies, he was Chuck D’s hype man and it was awesome.

“the question is
are you ready for the real revolution?
which is the evolution of the mind
if you seek then you shall find
that we all grew from the divine
you dig what i’m sayin?”

Creatine for added brainpower

March 12, 2012

sxsw is getting all tim ferris and trying to include self-help as part of the expereience. this guy is claiming that creatine is good for 10+ pts on your iq. It’ll be interesting to see if it pans out…Creatine is definitely one of the few non-aas products that has a marked impact on physical performance.

the weekend

March 12, 2012

If you have kids off this song i’d like for your kids to call me tio or uncle.


March 7, 2012

Grimes reminds me of swedish pop and friday night football games. Her voice though, her voice sounds a little like the super high pitched voices in old Chinese action movies