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quemando el ano viejo

December 31, 2011

12 months ago I said a lot of things about the coming year, and some of them came to fruition. I said 2011 was a year for reunions and I was right. Mostly good things happened in 2011, but it’s time to get on with life. 2012 woot woot!


Its amore

December 25, 2011

You know lez be onnness

December 24, 2011

When I have down time I type honda related keyword searches like jdm or b16 into Craigslist and play with the $$ amounts until I start finding stuff I like.

White EF Shell w/ Purple Cage $1,600

EF Shell

Clean 1983 Corolla…the flips have me feelin classic toyotas

the possibilities!

Just say Championship white or Grand Prix white and i’ll be your friend

1 Piece Headlights


December 20, 2011

Do hipsters watch Portlandia and laugh? Do they feel shame?

I have an inter…

December 20, 2011

I have an interest in WWII aces. If you ever watch the history channel, aces seem remarkably intact for people who know they have killed other people by shooting them with bullets that would put down an elephant. Pilots from that era flew close enough to feel the humanity of their enemies, but maybe not having to witness their death or suffering up close left them better able to make amends with the violent nature of their youth. It’s interesting how from the onset of the war, the US employed heavy armor around the cockpit and engines while the Japanese eschewed any type of armament in the pursuit of making their planes lighter and more manuverable. As a result, few Japanese fighter pilots survived the war. One, Saburo Sakai has an especially interesting story. Sakai claimed over 60 kills against mostly American opposition. He was an utterly ruthless pilot who nonetheless defied orders when he felt they would cause needless deaths. Shot in the face during a dog fight, he flew 4 hours back to his base, passing out from the pain several time only to be revived by the cold wind when his plane would start to nose over. 

Sakai endeared himself to me because of what he did after the war. He took a vow of non-violence and became a motivational speaker. He allowed his daughter to attend college in the U.S. and spoke out against the emperor. Perhaps most poignantly he visited with the son of a pilot who he had shot down during the war. Sakai was moved and spent the night with the man’s family. When he learned that the mans daughter was herself training to become an air force pilot, he gave as a gift, a protective amulet, the scarf he had worn during all his mission, including the mission where he had killed the girl’s grandfather.

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Small victories

December 19, 2011

When you’re traveling to small towns you have celebrate the small victories. On this trip, it’s having a subway within 2 minutes of the hotel and finding Christmas gifts at Walmart. With any luck i’ll be passing thru all my homes by the end of the week..

El nino Melende…

December 17, 2011



El nino Melendez. has some of the best cardio in the 155lb division despite not looking all that fit. Burritos ftw

December 12, 2011

>Original, thanks Robin

Another good weekend in the books. Went paintballing with denisses brother and didn’t get shot anyplace that really hurt. Ate too much at the holiday party, but it was good food and i’ve got delicious leftovers. Z is down to bare metal in the hatch and aside from the rust in the spare tire well it looks really clean. Sanding blocks and fine grit sandpaper from Summit should be here Monday or Tuesday and with a little luck, by the end of the week i’ll have the inside of the car sanded and ready for primer. I’m painting it white bitches! Or art least i’m gonna prime it white so I have the option of painting it white, but with three Hondas at the house I have to admit that i’m tempted to paint the car Championship White. We’ll see.

fatty zg’s

December 10, 2011


For an extra $100 and 1″ of clearance per corner is it worth it? I think so.