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August 31, 2011

My boss got me 1,000 business cards. Old job gave me 500 and I never used more than 4 or 5 of them. 2nd time is the charm right?


those dancing days

August 26, 2011


August 26, 2011

gooooood, got new furniture for my room!
i currently have 2tb + another 750 gb of external memory
hm, my human anatomy class is a biiitch, it’s super hard
holy crap
how much porn do u have
[Mikkie Reci]
that’s genius.
don’t be a hater
wats brazers?
[Mikkie Reci]
never mind lol
wait is that a porno?
[Mikkie Reci]
it’s a website that streams good HD
i should shut up onw
[Mikkie Reci]
oh shit, you’re dope
so much win
[Mikkie Reci]
shit is like 3D and bluray

August 25, 2011

I think if I was able to imbue my kids(hypothetical kids) with a couple of useful qualities I’d want them to be humble and I’d want them to be the kind of people who get things done. A lot of people talk about getting things done or attempt to do the things they’d like to do, and maybe sometimes the thought(dream or goal) or the journey is more satisfying than the actual result, but if you had to choose, wouldn’t you rather be the type of person who gets what they set out to do? Life is short, talk less, do more.

Low and Slow

August 22, 2011

I still have love for the cars I grew up riding in. I prolly remember them as less crappy than they actually were, but that’s nostalgia right? We had a 240d and later a 300d. Ran great, it but didn’t have AC and was impossibly slow. Like 0-60 in 12 seconds if you floored it and it was only you in the car. Still they’re cheap and they get around 30mpg.

1980's african dictator steez

1,440 minutes in a day…only 6 matter

August 14, 2011

Adidas makes great commercials. If they made a croquet commercial, I would wanna play croquet more often


August 8, 2011

I had my 3rd hamburger ever over the weekend. No ill effects:)

Have you ever forgotten about someone and then you see them again and suddenly remember that you’ve always liked them and wish you saw more of them? I’m impressed when kids who grow up knowing they’re rich and clever still turn out to be classy adults. It just seems like that’d be a portion of the general population that’d be less inclined to be humble about what they’ve got going on. Is it good parenting? Growing up in the right neighborhood? Either way, i’m glad it happened. this whole dialogue started when I ran into my ex’s college roommates at a bbq over the weekend. It was one of those rare pleasant surprises and I was happy to hear that they’re doing well and aging gracefully.


August 7, 2011

A notorious trash talker during his career, Sterling Sharpe’s HOF induction speech was riveting. Good enough to make me love football and remember why I love our country. Video clip leaves out a good amount of the speech, so I included the missing part where Sharpe talked about his burning desire to get out of his hometown. I had it pretty good growing up, but I can definitely relate to the 5 alarm fire.

One of my best friends that is already in the Hall of Fame is Michael Irvin. If I talk to him, and I can talk to him about anything, they say, “you don’t know a man’s pain unless you walk a mile in his shoes.” But you can’t walk a mile in Shannon Sharpe’s shoes because that wouldn’t do it justice. You need to walk 20 years of my life. You need to walk 20 years in this body and feel this raging inferno that I felt to get out of Glennville, to leave that thousand square foot cinder block home with the cement floors, to leave what my grandmother said, baby, is it going to be the gas this month that I’m going to pay or is it going to be the lights? Do you want to eat or do you want light to see so can you do your homework? Son, do you want the phone just in case there’s an emergency we can call somebody? What is it going to be this month? That drove me. That drove me.

Nobody ever knew how much this five alarm fire raged inside of me. My sister didn’t know, my brother didn’t know, but it raged. I had to leave Glennville. I had to make a better way for my brothers, for my sister, for my mom. I didn’t want my kids to live one night, not one hour, not one hour in the life that I had let alone a day.
And I neglected my kids. I missed recitals, I missed football practice, I missed graduations because I was so obsessed with being the best player I could possibly be that I neglected a lot of people. I ruined a lot of relationships. But I’m not here to apologize for that because it got me here and it got them to a life they never would have enjoyed had it not been for that.

the rucker

August 5, 2011

I wish soccer had historical pick-ups spots where you could stop by and see pros play with playground legends.

Casillas ftw

August 4, 2011

World Cup+Motown+happy ending=swoon…Science has shown that men can swoon, we just internalize it so it’s hard to tell.