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Stuff I like

May 31, 2011

Men and women lie about their height and earnings(mostly men) on dating sites. Also women who show more cleavage in profile pics get more dates. Duh.,0,1937093.story?page=1, u can add dishes to your “menu” and then the site will generate a grocery list for you.

Hideo Tokoro advancing in da Dream FW GP.

Drive-in movies are making a comeback.
GPW S2000’s

GPW S2000

Rachel Bilson and her big brown eyes

Russian Weightlifting Wisdom
Double your pull-ups in a month


Pop bottles

May 30, 2011

I’ve been having lots of vivid dreams lately. I think it might have something to do with the hotel room being too warm. I’ve never woken up from a bad dream and been too cold.

I’m into distribution

May 26, 2011

Proposed house we were supposed to be living in next year fell thru and i’m traveling for work this week so I’m gonna have to hold off on BTT reunion for at least a few more weeks. I’ve got roommates and i’m semi-flexible on location so it’d be nice if we could find something and get it locked up in the next few weeks. I thought about just renting a room in a house or a studio close to work so I wouldn’t have to commute, but the OC is so pretty to me that the thought of moving isn’t that appetizing.

Bought my brother and me tiks for his b-day months ago. Hope I get back home in time for the show.

Trouble in Greece

May 26, 2011

Redefining perilous

Meteora Greece

Monks fled caves in the 9th century and eventually built these monasteries on the top of mountains.

Black Rob

May 21, 2011

If I could get a bank to finance an Rx-7 I would do it in a heart beat. I can’t thin of another car from the early 1990’s that has aged this well.

Craigslist gold…

Single Turbo, V-mount, Fixed Headlights


May 18, 2011

Return to training at BTT in June. Get some.

It’s cold in the desert

May 12, 2011

Who would have thought it’d be cooler in the dessert than in southern califorina? If I could get everyone on the team to move to the desert i’d probably live in Palmdale or another desert area. There is something about bare mountains and blue sky that really appeals to me.

Black Gi’s=Win

OCD for Humanity

May 4, 2011

4hr Work Week blog is interesting, but the content is sporadic(albeit probably by design). Tim’s got some serious OCD, but in this case the attention to detail and willingness to try experimenting on himself is really beneficial to the end user of his books. The blood doping regimen(1 nut wonder and other elite cyclists are commonly accused of this) he instituted to help heal his injuries was especially eye opening for me because of how effective it was for him and how simple he makes it sound. Imagine getting stronger and healing faster just by drawing your own blood and then processing it in a centerfuge. Why isn’t everyone doing this?

The tracks that the DJ’s play

May 2, 2011

Thanks to Speedhunters for turning me onto a Kanto crew of Honda drivers that wear Jason masks and drive around late at night. The club’s website opens with a video of a woman stripping…

Girl Drifters

Remember Rag Digga? I like how she raps about her goodies.

Karate Kid

May 1, 2011

Machida’s KO of Couture made me happy. It looked a lot like the Anderson Silva KO of Belfort a few weeks ago, but he set it up by feinting with the other foot. Straight Karate Kid action.