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White Cars

December 31, 2010

More white cars. Work Vs-xx is one of my favorite wheels of all time. One of these days i’ll feel baller enough to invest in some. It’s not really an investment, but at least good wheels aren’t a total loss like clothes.

Work Vs-xx


Gossip Girl

December 30, 2010

I watch gossip girl. It’s a well known fact that I do ocassionally like to indulge in the official sport of the 3rd world and it’s a kind of show that jibes well with the over eager old lady in me. Plus, Blake Lively is maybe the hottest woman on u.s. tv. Yes I said it. Go ahead, think about it for a minute. Yes that’s a picture of her. Moving on…Sengoku Soul of Fight is going on right now, but I gotta get up early tomorrow so i’m just gonna pray for Fujii and Sandro victories.

I think my nose is bleeding

Old People and their hobbies

December 27, 2010

I think it’s cool when people pursue their hobbies/careers their entire lives. Paul Newman racing at 81, Helio Gracie teaching bjj at 90, and this guy. Dan Takeuchi olympic weightlifting at 82. I’d read about him a couple years ago in the paper, but today he took the time to complimented me on my shoulders and give me some coaching. Pretty cool. He’s a national and world champion and can still clean and jerk his body weight at 82. He said he was never an athlete until he took up lifting at 55. The video doesn’t really do him justice. He’s got serious guns.

Dead mice

December 27, 2010

This was almost one of those artists that you read about in a music magazine and get all excited. Then I text myself the recommended tracks or buy the magazine(only if it’s Q) and then run home to listen and hopefully download only to find out…the music sucks or isn’t interesting. Pretty much all shoe gazing and ‘dreamy’ pop music seems to fit into this category. Dubstep and other Euro music usually meets the same fate. I listened to a half dozen deadmau5 songs hoping to like one and this one finally did it. Mostly cuz I love sour patch kids.

If you’re in a hurry, just skip to about 1:30.

A savage beating

December 22, 2010

Is what happened to me at jiu jitsu today. Little guys ran a clinic on me with butterfly guard and armbars. Big guys got me with guard passing and arm bars. I really liked rolling with the higher belts tho. U get away with a lot as one of the bigger guys in the class, but it’s not neccessarily condusive to developing a complete game.

One awkward side note, the professor announced to the class that he was breaking up with his g/f. She does a lot of work pro-bono at the school and most of the students seemed sad to hear about the break-up. If I were her i’d be heated that the students knew about the break-up before she did.

Bill the Grill

December 19, 2010

Bill the Grill Cooper is my new favorite grappler. A lot of high level guys are really concerned with winning and adopt strategies that while good for scoring pts are incredibly boring to watch. Not to take away from anyone who’s already a black best and a master practitioner, but some guys are really happy just to score the mininum points for a sweep or a take down and then ride out the rest of the match. Not exciting and not really a good demonstration of the fluid bjj you’d expect to see at such a high level. When you see a scrawny white guy whooping on everyone you know that his technique has to be on pt.

Grapple Monkey

December 18, 2010

Feb 20 -No Gi Division
March 21-Grapplers Quest Gi
April 5 -Cal State Finals Gi
June 5 -BJJ Worlds

Dave Coleman

December 17, 2010

Miatabusa: 1st gen miata with a Hayabusa engine. Not carb legal like the GM crate engine, but still really exciting. I would do it just for the sound of 11k rpm in a miata. Imagine a built engine that would rev a little higher and make 200whp? Something like this.

The stars, the moon

December 10, 2010

I’m really looking forward to the holidays this year even though I don’t really have as many days off. The year seems to be ending on a high note and 2011 is looking pretty good too. I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to accomplish all my resolutions from 2011 by the end of the year, but I did hit most of my weightlifting metrics and me and my sister are getting along pretty well so I feel good about at least having gotten two significant ones.

Florence and the Machine is still killing me. First the live version of Dog Days are over on SNL and now pretty much any version of Cosmic Love. It’s really hard to be a giant redhead and still be attractive, but in the SNL performance she managed it somehow.


December 5, 2010

The play by play I was listening too said that Daley melted Smith with a lead left hook. Pretty accurate description.