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Top 5 Latino Moments

August 26, 2010

Top 5 Latino Moments from Comic-Con. We’ve come a long way guys.

Anna from V is Brazilian? Hmmmmmmm….


The value of life can be measured by how many times your soul has been deeply stirred.

August 23, 2010

7tune has restored my faith in car blogs. Have you ever noticed how certain activities either seem to speed up or slow down time. Stuff that’s painful generally slows time down. For example running a mile at race pace or a set of high rep squats seem to take forever, but really only take a few minutes. Stuff that slows down time is generally not very pleasurable and accompanied by a general sense of dread and foreboding. Conversely things that feel really good or are entertaining generally speed time up and seem to happen in an instant. I’ve had days where everything is a blur until my head hits the pillow at night…but they were really good days. This video is that special kind of good. Aryton Senna, Old man Honda, and an NSX discuss the nature of life.


ps. Follow Soichiro Honda on twitter.
pps. Twitter is retarded, but you really should follow Soichiro Honda on twitter.

All Night Long

August 21, 2010

Had a lot of downtime this week and did some reading

“The Phone Call is Dead…We have to open Schrodinger’s box every time, having a conversation to figure out whether it’s OK to have a conversation. Plus, voice calls are emotionally high-bandwith, which is why it’s so weirdly exhausting to be interrupted by one.”
I’ll buy you boba if you can explain the Schrodinger reference without looking it up. I giggled when I read it.

“Baboons are nasty, brutish, and short…while female rank is hereditary…males compete for dominance….That’s when I began thinking about how damn stressful it must be to have no status. You never know when you’re going to get beat up. You never get laid. You have to work a lot harder for food.” -Robert Sapolsky, Pioneered research on how stress effects physical health…

Sept is national yoga month. Yoga is a $5.7 billion/yr industry. Nearly 16 million people in the U.S. practice Yoga. 72% of practitioners are women. 🙂

They heard me singing and told me to stop

August 15, 2010

Turned down a job offer in the city that i’m always hyping as a great place to live and raise kids. The company seemed like a good place to work and there was a huge MMA gym literally across the street from the office. Huge! Huge and filled with buff mexicans…the perfect place to train, but we couldn’t come to terms on salary so I had to say no. No hard feelings guys.
Last night I hung out with a friend last night who is my age, but has two kids and a mortgage to worry about. It’s a good place to be, but very different from where i’m at. I love kids or at least the idea of kids, but I really value the time I spend alone doing stuff I enjoy.
Sprawl sounds like Blondie and The Knife right? What you thought we wouldn’t notice?


August 7, 2010

2 interviews and no offers this week. Why are you so barren Fresno? Socal here I come.

The yip yip when the driver blips the throttle for downshifts is one of the best engine noises i’ve ever heard.


August 6, 2010

I think one of these would make a great family car. You could get an XT auto for the wife and just spruce it up with intake, exhaust, and turbo timer.

If only the 710 was as smooth as roads in Japan.

In search of sunrise

August 1, 2010

In Search of Sunrise is hit and miss for me, but this is infectious. Has anyone ever seen Tiesto dance? Seems like he sticks fistpumping. When was the last time you were up early enough to see the sun rise?