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Southern Sun

July 29, 2010

X-games, movie, dinner, dessert, lunch, fiesta, pick up mom at LAX. Socal i’ve missed you.


Fake Wheels and Mexi-Flush

July 28, 2010

I’m not saying I don’t like cars that are Hellaflush, but at some pt the movement got out of hand. I think it’s terrific that people can afford to spend thousands of dollars on custom wheels. Porsche guys have been paying crazy money for BBS, CCW, and Kinesis steamrollers for decades and it looks great…on those cars.
I don’t mind rolling or pulling fenders, and I like the way stretched tires look….But if you already pulled the fender, and tried stretching a 225 onto a 10″ wheel and you still can’t get the tire under the fender without rubbing, the answer is not 5 degrees of negative camber and some poke. If you even say “poke” or “Mexi-flush” we’re probably not going to be friends unless you’ve actually seen a real mexi-flush car. Mexi-flush has its origins in mexicans trying to put daytons and other wire wheels on compact cars. They didn’t make Daytons with that bolt pattern so you’d buy a thick ass adapter and that would push the ENTIRE WHEEL out past the fender. Have you ever seen a Mexi-flush Dodge Neon? Not kosher. If you own a VW, Honda, Mazda, etc etc that doesn’t have space for wide ass wheels, admit that you bought an economy car and buy wheels that actually fit under the fender.
The thing that irks me most is that some people in the Stance/Hellaflush camp feel the need to weigh in on fake wheels like they have some kind of mandate from Japanese tuners. I understand that fake wheels aren’t as good as real wheels. You’re retarded if you think that Axis, XXR, Rota, etc etc wheels are the same quality as the wheel designs they’re ripping off. We’ve all seen the pictures of the Rotas that collapsed at the track and everyone should know that Axis OG-san wheels are not actually OG or Japanese, but why is it the guys that are hard parking their cars think they should weigh in on the fake wheels debate. Let’s be honest. How many of the VW or civics you see at shows on on forums repping hellaflush are going to the track on those same wheels and at that ride height? Even better how many of those cars actually get daily driven with those wheels at that ride height? The wheels and the static drop are just props for making the car look good for shows and internet forums, and if the look isn’t functional, why should it matter what brand of wheels you’re using to achieve that look?
Also if you don’t drive your car everyday, please stfu. If you have a badass track car that’s 1 thing, but if you have a garage queen with really good fitment… that you only drive on the weekends…that you’re actually afraid to drive on a regular basis…you’re doing it all wrong.

Things I learned today…

July 22, 2010

My dad started college as literature major. One of my old teammates has three kids. Three other teammates got hella fat. My first club coach is still running a club org for kids who want to play soccer in the central valley long after his own sons have graduated(very cool). I’m going to call one of my old boss and see if he’ll have me back as a full-time employee. I really liked the work I was doing, but at the time I was afraid to take a chance with a smaller company. It’d be good to work there again…

El Nino

July 20, 2010

69 Datsun 521 for $500.
69 Datsun 510 for $8,500

For $500 does it run?

I wanna have your babies

Pyramid of Speed

July 12, 2010

One of the blogs I used to love was NSXfiles. One of the ideas that Doug Hayashi used to bring up a lot is that not all motorsports are equal. There is a definite hierarchy with street racers at the bottom and people racing wheel to wheel on tracks at the top. I think WRC or Pikes Peak probably require more balls than Formula 1 these days, but nobody has a better combination of cojones and talent than Valentino Rossi.

Biaggi elbows Rossi…Rossi cuts him off, passes him, and then takes 1 hand off the bars so he can give Biaggi the middle finger.

Valentino Rossi: Best of his Generation

Meet your Champion

July 12, 2010

Aoki tapped Kawajiri and then celebrated with his fiance. I’m just a little suspicious because Aoki is 1/2 of MMA’s most ambiguously gay duo.

It's ok as long as you don't look them in the eye right?

The Eighth Day

July 10, 2010

“Some have called it the greatest of all American novels”. I like it so far because it’s a mixture of Atlas Shrugged meets Boxcar Children meets Mrs. Dolloway.

Crusher Kawajiri vs Schoolgirl Aoki tonight to decide Japan’s best lightweight.

Even Aoki likes Kawajiri's abs

Gone Racing

July 5, 2010

White cars have been growing on me. For a long time I only had eyes for black on VIP cars or grey and a couple other colors on coupes… I’m thinking if I live in a nice neighborhood and don’t streetpark the car when I visit the 559 nobody will want to steal it. Bar’d H22 ? Yes please.

I still like Hondas