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Back in the day

May 30, 2010

BBQ with the cousins and their uber cute kids. My NY cousins are all 10-15 yrs older so it’s only right they’ve got a couple more kids than me. Hella rambunctious Italian-Ecuadorian kids running underfoot and my littlest cousin went in on the cookies. He’s still in diapers and couldn’t open the cookies so I opened it for him and he helped himself to about 5 cookies before his mom realized what he was doing. Awesome.

This song came on after dinner. Great BBQ song even if you haven’t lost anyone


Hi How ar ya Hi How ar ya

May 23, 2010

Dan Hornbuckle is a member of the Cherokee nation and creative with his leg work.
I really liked the way he went over the head and then under the armpit with his left leg. Sickkkk

Dogs love trucks

May 19, 2010

Looking at pre-smog Datsun pickups on craigslist reminded me of this commercial. I’ve owned an S30 and I’d definitely like to own an Datsun 521 or 620 at some pt. Took 20 minutes to find the commercial.

Love the metal DATSUN on the tailgate. Something you probably won't ever see again on a production car.

Pop strikes back

May 17, 2010

Tim Peterson is my Hillary Williams.

I like Robyn. She’s making a pop/alt pop comeback. She’s friends with Lykki Li and Bon Iver. Everybody jump on the bandwagon.

This is our luck running out

May 14, 2010

I had trouble getting motivated for finals…again. Maybe the most unmotivated, or rather the least worried i’ve been about finals in a long time. Even more than last semester. Last semester turned out pretty wel… I think I got a little lucky, and not to be a hater, but I don’t have a very high opinion of my classmates. I see facebook updates about everyone being in the library until 2am, but they must not start studying until just before dinner because if they did they would have done better on exams. It’s not rocket science guys.
I think my lack of motivation stems from the fact that I don’t have as much invested financially as most of my classmates. I don’t have undergrad loans, and if I dropped out after this year I’d only owe about 6k. If finals go really well I’m going to reapply to all the schools I applied to last year, and a couple other lower ranked schools in so-cal, and if finals go really bad and I lose my scholarship i’ll move home, get my teaching credential and teach high school math or science. The end.

No mas estoy acomodando

May 9, 2010

Marcelo dejo la propina y al rato que pongo mi mano en la mesa me dice

“Mima, es la propina Mima”

!No mas estoy acomodando!

Hmm chicken

May 7, 2010

Today I learned that when i’m trying to break guard I sometimes forget to breath and my face changes colors. I think it’s carryover from weight lifting. For max or near max effort lifts it’s important to keep the tension in your core muscles so that the weight doesn’t buckle you. Momentarily holding your breath at the bottom of the lift is the best way to do that, but it’s a sign you’re doing something wrong in bjj. Also I tapped a purple belt. A 250lb one. Surprised him with a collar choke. I consider the collar choke from guard the least technical form of strangulation, but mine is nasty.

Chicken is my favorite.

Roy Halladay

May 1, 2010

I’m a fan of routine. At the very least starting and ending the day in the same way, with a couple of checkpoints along the way to guide me. I know people who freestyle it every day and still manage to get stuff done, but I think most people would be more productive if they incorporated some routine into the first and last 15 minutes of their day.

Roy Halladay has arguably been the best pitcher in the world over the last 5 years. His secret? Routine

“To call Halladay’s routine structured is an insult…For many athletes, repetition serves as the gateway to the elusive and amorphous “zone,” where the world seems to slow and excellence becomes effortless. Halladay strives not only to visit the zone but also to take up permanent residence. A Halladay routine differs from a normal routine the way a housefly differs from a space shuttle…He catches the throw from the catcher in front of the mound every time; he takes the same number of steps back up the mound after every pitch; he even has an idea of how many breaths he wants to take between pitches.

Courtesy ESPN Magazine