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Cookies and shit

December 25, 2009

Riding the train and bus around LA last week I realized that all the short brown people are hiding in downtown. There’s brown people everywhere, but all the short Mexicans, Oaxacans, Guatemalans, and El Salvadorians are downtown. You can tell immediately that these people are too short and too skinny to have been born here.


Life @ 300kmh

December 20, 2009

The most interesting thing about Formula 1 the last few years is Lewis Hamilton dating Nicole from PCD, but before I knew what Formula 1 was it was awesome. Late 80’s Formula 1 meant turbocharged 1.5l’ s pushing 1,000hp, no abs, no traction control, and none of the safety precautions modern Formula 1 pilots enjoy. They say Aryton Senna used to sit in his bathtub and visualize each race in its entirety before he actually got in the car, that he purposely crashed into competitors and even teammates to protect his points lead, and that he was the best driver of his generation. The video is of Senna going absolutely crazy when he wins his first Brazilian GP. That’s not static, it’s Senna screaming “I don’t believe it”

Betting man

December 15, 2009

I’m still trying to decide how many internship/externship/summer jobs to apply for. We had a student panel our first week at school, and a student with a crappy student GPA told us that she applied to over a hundred places, before she got an interview. In the end she ended up getting hired and she loved her boss and loved her job and lived happily ever after… I almost got shut out my first summer at UCLA because I only applied to the 4 or 5 places I actually wanted to work at, so I’m thinking maybe 30-40 apps to start off. Since the chances of getting paid this summer are fairly slim, I think i’d like to do some kind of feel good work. Front runners so far include immigration stuff in NY and DC, and kids law stuff in Monterey Park.

Tegan and Sara, awful hair, irritating voices, cute song.

Ice to an eskimo

December 9, 2009

This is the most relaxed i’ve been during finals week since maybe freshman or sophmore year of high school. Usually, finals are an oppressive tension that doesn’t lift until a day or two after I get my grades. This year, for reasons mostly unknown to me I don’t feel the same pressing need to study until my eyes bleed. This could be the end of academic slavery  or it could me ruining myself.  I felt the same lack of urgency before my midterm and that turned out well…hopefully history repeats itself. Jaiyou!

You should know words have precise meaning

December 6, 2009

Contracts final:  6 multiple choice questions, 3,6o0(approx 3.5pgs doublespaced) characters max for essay response. Never have so few words been worth so many points.

The Fountainhead

December 5, 2009

Atlas Shrugged  is probably my favorite book (The Sound of Waves a close second).  However, for all its wisdom,  Objectivism fails as a philosophy for the reason that all philosophical systems inevitably fail, it underestimates the complexity of human nature. More than anything, Objectivism is flawed because it fails to acknowledge the importance of humility, of compassion. Even more than rational thought, these qualities are the  hallmark of our innate virtue. I’m sure that ascribing any kind of innate quality is distinctly forbidden by objectivism, but I believe that every person is born with the capacity to think, to feel, and to realize the importance of acknowledging that sometimes, in some circumstances, we’re dependent on the goodwill of others. All my rambling was inspired by this GQ Article that describes how Ayn Rand’s philosophies have perpuated a culture of intellectual douchbaginess.


December 2, 2009

Landmark cases? Eh. Landmark Fights?

Emelianenko v Nogueira

I don’t care what anybody says, this fight is a must watch if you’re new to MMA and want to know why Fedor is so revered by fans. This is the US version so they don’t show you the japanese announcer crying because of the beating that Fedor put on Nogueira, but I will.