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Hipsters and Dating

November 29, 2009

Hipster and dating. Two of the most imprecise words in the English language. After extensive research I’ve given up trying to understand what these two words are supposed to mean.




November 26, 2009

Jae Bueno is the man when it comes to photographing lowriders. Honestly the photos are beautiful…. Kinda upsetting that the traditional low rider scene is slowly dying out. Chrome and custom paint work is getting to be prohibitively expensive especially in LA (home of the lo-lo) and modern roads and parking lots just aren’t built to accommodate full size cars. Gettting 8mpg isn’t as cool as it used to be, and how many non Mexican/non-rappers  do you know that get excited about hydraulics?  I could be wrong, but the feeling I’ve always gotten from the lowrider scene is that it’s dominated by the cars and the families that own them. Because it revolves around custom paint and body work, the scene hasn’t been commercialized to death like other car subcultures(honda’s, drifting, hot rods, drag racing, etc etc). Lowriders aren’t big time collectibles like muscle cars, and you can’t make your  money back by selling off rare japanese or german parts like you can with imports…Once the money goes into a lowrider, it’s gone, and you’re not ever getting it back. I hate conspicuous consumption, but I give these cars a free pass because it’s a cultural thing. Pics are hi-res, but WordPress mangled them somehow. Still sexy tho.

Speedhunters link for the full article.


Elbows up Side to Side

Peanut Butter Jelly

Mighty Ducks

November 25, 2009

For someone reason the first thing I thought of when I saw this was Kenny Wu.



November 21, 2009

I’m more excited about being home in 3 weeks than I am about turning 25. I’ve already compiled a long wish list of places I want to eat at over break. Get in where you fit in…

1) Taco Shops (Casa Sanchez, Al Rico Tacos, Tacos Tijuana)

2) Pho 75

3) Siem Riep

4) Korean BBQ

5) Generic Thai food

6) Pollo Inka

7) Rinaldi’s

8) Cambodian owned Donut shops (Dunkin’s donuts are craptacular)

9) Massive quantities of milk tea and boba

If I was still working I’d be tempted to buy this. Former Super Street Cover Car, Top Secret Customer Car, etc etc. The original owner had a Top Secret Gold S2000 to match this Altezza. The seller thoughtfully neglects to mention in his post that this car can’t ever be registered in the US, and would be for offroad use only. Even then the price($16k) is suspiciously low since he’s got over $50k in parts alone on the car.  It’s really crazy how little money it can take to buy a former magazine cover car sometimes. Probably the best looking IS 300/350 past or present imo.


Urban Dictionary

November 18, 2009

I made a couple submissions to Urban Dictionary. I love Urban Dictionary. During undergrad I volunteered in one of the engineering labs, and since there were no female grad students, a lot of the conversations involved who got laid the night before. It was actually only one guy cuz all the other guys were Taiwanese/Chinese and already married or engaged and you can’t talk about your wife like that. Names have been omitted because some of these guys will be professor’s in the near future.

A: So I went on a date last night…

B: Uhhh, that is good, did you have the relations? (Cantonese accent)

A: Yes

B: Really? Wow.  Bj?

A: Of course

Xiaoyong: Did you give her the Donkey Punch? (heavy accent)

A: What the fuck Xiaoyong? Who taught you donkey punch?

Xiayong: Urban Dictionary Mothurr Fuckurrr (giggles)

Rza, Gza, Inspector deck, ghostface killah, the Wu-Tang Clan!

November 17, 2009

It really makes me sad that most people don’t have the wit or desire to decipher hip-hop. The music is fun because of the wordplay. How many artists do you know that can integrate NFL teams, pop culture references, chess openings, drug running, domestic abuse, and a menage trois in one song?


Something sweet, something strong

November 16, 2009

From a professional blogger’s standpoint, my blog is a total failure. It doesn’t enhance my brand(what brand?), it’s too random to attract random people, and I don’t tag most posts or link to more popular blogs to enhance my readership. I get between one and several hundred hits a day, but sometimes the 1 hit  is the guy who wacks it to my Stacy Dash pictures. I know because he uses the same search and only reads that post.

Mostly my blog amuses me.  I wish I’d come up with the abide in silence slogan on my own, but I got it from a poster in my ex-g/f’s apt building. Speaking of ex-g/f’s and Westwood, I follow(sounds better than stalk) a number of UCLA alumni who are entrepreneurs. Like Jun Loazya. We both endured the pergatory that is junior college. (JC is a horrible halfway house) Jun’s g/f is Khmai, my ex is Khmai. Jun is half Peruvian, I’m half Ecuadorian… Jun admitted to dropping 6g’s on an ex-g/f’s breast enhancement. I’m more of an ass man, but I respect him for having the cojones to admit that he spent 6g’s of hard-earned money that way. I also really enjoyed his insight on cuddling. Yes cuddling, and how it can be detrimental to your relationship. While I have no interest in living the Start-Up life,  a lot of the time management advice is relevant and useful for graduate students and corporate climbers as well.

Jun Loazya on Cuddling and running a Start-Up

Agent Zero

November 12, 2009

Say it ain’t so… Shaq was cheating with Agent Zero aka Hibachi aka Gilbert Arenas’ fiance. Gilbert’s not the smartest guy, but his blog is awesome. Sorry Gilbert, maybe you shouldn’t have had 3 kids without the prenup…now you’re stuck.

Busy is best

November 11, 2009

My ongoing love affair with BJJ continues unabated.

1hr before class: I start worrying, did i drink enough water? Did I eat too much? Did my Gi finish drying?

15 minutes before: I get butterflies in my stomach. The  feeling is a combination of how you felt  you got when you were younger and held hands with your g/f and the anticipation before a cross country meet. Eager, excited, but with an awareness that at some point in the near future you’ll be in pain.

Class Starts: I feel lovely, say hi to everyone, crack jokes, stretch, start warm up with the rest of the class.

Class: Sweat profusely, drills, sparring, hope no one messes up my face.

After class: 2-4 lbs lighter, usually light headed, some soreness in neck and shoulders sets in almost immediately. Almost always running a slight fever that will last a few hours… If I didn’t get hurt, a euphoric feeling(better than runner’s high or post-workout endorphins) sets in about 15 minutes after class.


November 8, 2009

Favorite feature of my car. I didn’t get it at first, the key is to remember that Peanuts is not Calvin and Hobbes.





What’s Triumvir? Clothes worth getting excited about. Winter 2010 collection is a little more NY/bay-area than S0-cal cool, but i’ll still end up buying something. It’s not hard to get excited about clothes when they market the story, and not the model.