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Inching westward

October 29, 2009

I felt pretty confident about my first writing assignment, and got a C. Then I dedicated most of last week to writing the second paper, feeling much less confident and dreading what another C might do to my GPA. At one point I had 15pages on a 12pg max and was still writing. Then I started deleting, then I started stressing, then I only had 10.5  pages and a couple hours to finish the paper. Then I got an A. Lol.  Some people get irritated when I say I’m really  worried about doing well. It’s true that things usually work out in my favor, but sometimes they don’t, and that’s why I worry…to make sure things go my way.

I’ve been doing research on transferring, and it seems unlikely that  a decent school is going to give me the same amount of money that I’m getting from Hofstra. Depressing, and maybe a lack of planning on my part, considering Hofstra is the lowest ranked school I applied too. Not to demean the school because they were very generous, but I’m worried that no one on the West Coast cares about Hofstra. The dean and all the staff seem dedicated to improving the school’s reputation, but I need to do more research and make sure I’m not going to eliminate myself from contention for a “good” job by choosing the wrong school.


Raging Phoenix

October 24, 2009

Becuz I love Hong Kong 80’s style action movies and really hope that Jeeja Yanin is the 2nd coming of Michelle Yeoh. She’s no Tony Jah, but she’s still pretty tight and she does her own stunts.  Plus it looks like the movie is going to deal with all the child and sex trafficking that goes on in SE Asia. Prostitution in general is a problem, but flying across the world to get some? Then this mother fucker in France has the gall to admit he paid “boys” for sex in Thailand, but deny that they were underage. Really? Cuz I have a sneaky suspicion you went for the 10 yr olds.  Die slow frenchy.


October 21, 2009
  1. Gym
  2. BJJ
  3. Riding
  4. Reading

All my hobbies are escapist

Shiny stuff

October 21, 2009

Jane: Fly out to LA for a night Riccardo!!!
I did facebook it!!!
Ricardo: my ballin big oil days are behind me now
Jane: psshh that sort of thing never gets left behind.
Ricardo: hehe
you’re right, as soon as i have a regular paycheck i’m gonna buy some shiny stuff and start eating out again
Jane: rims.
Ricardo: man you’re good
Jane: rims.
Ricardo: i thought u’d interpret it as jewelry or watches, but i lust after rims!
Jane: hahahaha
Kat already informed me of how you think you’re black.
Ricardo: japanese, german, american, taiwanese rims!!!
Jane: haha
Ricardo: hehe
that’s hateful
Jane: hahahaha
Ricardo: rims are distinctly latino and asian too
Jane: what do you mean?
how so?
ah…that’s true now
Ricardo:i can identify what kind of person is driving a car based on the kind of rims
Jane: interesting enough. But just the fact that the person HAS rims…doesn’t that narrow down the selection to choose from?
Ricardo: not really, only white people don’t seem to get as excited about rims
Jane: and females
you forgot females
Ricardo: that too
Jane: that’s more than half the population son!!!
Ricardo: it’s fucked up too cuz rims are basically jewelry for guys
Jane: hhahahaha
Ricardo: we think we’re really cool when we have nice rims
Jane: it’s jewelry for their gal
their car
Ricardo: true, but we’d like to think that someday some hot chick, will be like “omg your taste in rims is really refined i wanna have your babies…”
Jane: isn’t that how it goes?
shiny rims= money= “you’re so sexy!”

I thought I needed a Nia Long

October 19, 2009

The nature of contact sports is that something is always a little looser or a little less flexible, but now that I spend most of my days hunched over a desk I’ve been trying especially hard to avoid any unnecessary injuries.  I actually like waking up a little sore so long as it’s muscle soreness and I know why i’m sore. What I don’t like is when my joints click. Mostly becuz it reminds me of something stupid I tried in training and reminds me that at some point i’ll be old and won’t heal as fast.

In other news, back in the day Chris Rock had the cojones to turn down Nia Long. Not 40something Nia long, but anytime-anyplace young Nia Long. I’d say he was crazy, but he had a good reason.


October 16, 2009

I can’t stand the rain…

I admire your fashionable running shoes

October 13, 2009

I think my first(and only) midterm went well…and I think i’ll treat myself to some shoe shopping. Shoe shopping is the only shopping I’ve ever enjoyed and I’ve been putting it off for a while, but my favorite(and only) pair of Chucks are dying and need replacement. I’m afraid it’s probably time for me to invest in some  grown up shoes too.  Brown oxfords? Am I really getting that old? That shit is not exciting.

The little things

October 10, 2009

Radiohead, the smell of freshly cut grass,  and Evangelion 2.o with Spanish subtitles. Today was  a good day.

V for victory

October 7, 2009

I remember watching an old jet li movie and he gets angry and gives the english middle finger which is actually a backwards peace sign. Sometimes I see fobs doing it in pictures, but I think for the most part it’s not intentional. Kinda like how I see Japanese exchange students wearing Von Dutch and wonder if they knew that aside from being a mechanical genius, and talented artist, Von Dutch was a card carrying racist.

Go, go, go

October 3, 2009

I’m cautiously optimistic about cautiously optimistic being the right phrase to describe my state of mind 90% of the time. One of my old co-workers is having his 2nd kid and he’s only a year older than I am. I know a lot of people think he’s crazy, and the kids mean he’s definitely committed to making big oil money for the next 20 years,  but I’m happy for him. It seems like a lot of people are getting married or having kids, but I think it’ll be a while for me yet. Weddings are getting to be crazy expensive, and that’s just the beginning of it. Do the math on what it costs to pay for the ring, a wedding, the honeymoon, and down a house. Personally i’m hoping my future baby momma has a good job, and wants to go dutch on the wedding and the house.