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5, 10, 99, 405, 495, 710

September 26, 2009

I’ve been commuting since Jan 2008, and decided to calculate how much time I’ll have spent in the car by the end of the year.

UCLA to Whittier (best case): 3d/wk *1.25hrs/day*20wks =75hrs

UCLA to Whittier(realistic ): 3d/wk*1.75hrs/day*20wks =105hrs

Long Beach to El Segundo:  18day/month*13months*1.5hrs/day=351 hrs

Farmingville to Hofstra: 2hrs/day*5day/wk*14wks=140hrs

Trips home: 6.5hrs(roundtrip)*40trips home=270hrs

Total: Minimum of 941 hrs, aprrox 39 entire days, almost 23 work weeks…

I think i’ve just about reached my tipping pt in terms of commuting.  2hrs/day is barely tolerable. Some down time for traveling is inevitable, but life is passing me by while I sit in traffic. Depending on how bad the winter weather makes traffic and how good my grades are,  i’ll probably end up moving closer to campus or i’ll transfer.


Neil Diamond

September 25, 2009

I only know one Neil Diamond song and it’s the one about everybody coming to America. In general i’m apathetic about politics and public policy, but occasionally I  get upset when people complain about certain key issues. Today it’s illegal immigration. First I don’t think most people who complain about illegals have much experience dealing with illegals.  I laugh from a healthy place when I hear that illegals are taking good jobs or abusing social services. Really? I’m guessing you haven’t ever driven from LA to San Francisco and noticed that it’s hundreds of miles of nothing but fields. Grapes don’t pick themselves, and neither do most of the other crops that are grown in the central valley and along the central coast. Since this part of California is the nation’s most productive farmland(see wikipedia link), and is responsible for feeding a large portion of the U.S.  I think it’s safe to say the all the illegal immigrants working in the fields are making a worthwhile contribution to society. Good luck trying to find U.S. citizens who are willing to work all day in the fields when it’s 100+ F, which in the valley is most days between June and Mid-September…

The second pt that gets me is when people complain about the stress of having to service the health and education needs of undocumented immigrants is somehow responsible for state’s budget problems.  FYI, most illegals prefer to fly under the radar. They’re not going to show up every week at their social workers office asking for bus tokens, food stamps, or free healthcare.  They’re not having 8 babies at a time, they’re not shooting up schools, and they’re generally  not looking to cause any trouble.  We’ve spent obscene amounts of money on stuff that isn’t even useful. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to admit missile defense systems are b.s. since we’ve been on the grind for 30+ years and still don’t have anything to show for it.

What got me so excited in the first place, is that I found out people in my own family are anti-immigrant. Not just illegal immigration, but immigration in general. Not my mom’s side of the family, who recently traced their roots back to colonial times, but my dad’s side!  C’mon guys, just cuz you’re all citizens now doesn’t mean you should forget that none of the older folks were born here and that we weren’t exactly invited here either. I was pretty dissappointed in the old folks, because I think it’s awfully pretentious to pretend that we’re entitled to any more of the american dream simply because we got here a few years earlier.

Is this the end of the Starks regime?

September 22, 2009

Maybe it has to do with the requirement that you trust the people you train with, but having trained at 3 different places I can say that jiu-jitsu people are just easy to get along with. If had to rank groups people I have experience with on general friendliness..

1) Physical Therapy Grad Students (We just wanna help people feel better)

2) Sportbike guys (adopt everybody who rides a bike)

3) BJJ (I’m gonna choke you, but afterwards we can make small talk)

Amatuer night

September 19, 2009

I’m swearing off gi chokes. I started thinking about my jiu-jitsu and what I can and can’t do at this point in my development, and realized that I’m over dependent on my ability to catch people with the cross choke when i’m on the bottom. Virtually all of the times I tap someone who is bigger than me or has been training longer than me it’s with that choke, and I don’t think it has as much to do with my having great technique as it does with the fact that people are caught off guard by my strength. I don’t want to end up one of those guys who can’t choke people if the other guy isn’t wearing a gi…

Mike Jones them bitches

September 17, 2009

I’ve been learning a lot of new vocabulary lately. My two favorites have to be “away games” and “Mike Jones them”.

Ex 1) I live with my grandmother, so all my sleepovers are away games.

Ex 2) If that school doesn’t accept you, Mike Jones them bitches.

I got the “Mike Jones them” from a car blog I follow. I’ve learned more from car blogs and forums then I have from a decade reading car and import car magazines. Back in the day import models  were actually hot, Felicia Tang was one of those models. Today I found out her b/f killed her…kinda depressing.

U gone kill a nigga chicken?

September 12, 2009

in other news, i’m getting lighter


haha, it’s pretty obvious right?



cuz ny is gay and it already started raining



oops, FYI, skinny guys are never hot

eat some more meat


light skinned!

If I

September 10, 2009

Family is great, school is good, gym is slightly overcrowded. I’m exhausted when I go to bed, but by the time I wake up I’m angry. I used to do the Dmetri Martin list thing with my life, actually I still do.  I don’t think my g/f  knew how serious I was with the lists …I’m not entirely convinced the lists are a bad idea, but one thing is certain. You can’t put enough work into a relationship to make it work if you’re the only one who wants to be in a relationship.

In touch with my star player

September 8, 2009

Why do people get tattoos for other people to see? If I get a tattoo i’m getting it reversed so that I can read it when I look at it in the mirror. C’mon now it doesn’t matter if other people think you’re badass, it matters if you think you’re bad ass.  To that end I still give myself a little pep talk when I get up in the morning. Just like Katt Williams and per the guidance of my good friend and life coach Kim. Every weekday around 5:45am I turn off my alarm, give thanks for being a lil sore and a lil tired and then I run down my schedule for the day and conclude with a motivational phrase.

I saw Dmitri Martin live 2 years ago(man, i’m getting old), and didn’t realize what a monstrous intellect he had until today. His comedy is so sharp it’s actually intimidating.


September 1, 2009

Remember Samurai Showdown? Remember how they didn’t  let women run marathons or fight MMA? Those days are gone… Hisae Watanabe vs Megumi Fuji is finally happening! For some reason it’s only an exhibition and they’re using funky rules, but it’s still a dream match up. Probably two of the very best 115 lb fighters in the world, but neither one is cute so they’ll probably never make Gina Carano money. Megamegu breaks people’s ankles(yes, literally) and seems to have a good sense of humor. Body shot to tickle submission? Crispy!