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June 29, 2009

My great uncle passed away this weekend. He was the first from our family to come to the States, and largely responsible for the rest of my dad’s family deciding to leave Ecuador. He helped carry the family, working two jobs, sending money back…all the stuff good immigrants do. He retired in Ambato so I only met him once, but I was very taken with his old man dignity and style. RIP Antonio Paredes.


Triple P

June 27, 2009

Did I make weight? Not really, so tmorrow I’ll be rolling with the fatties in the 202lb division. I’ve tapped heavier guys and been tapped by much smaller so it’s all good.

The kid with golden arms

June 18, 2009

Back to business. Borrowing content from other people’s awesome car blogs. Why? So when I exhaust the supply of car blogs, I can sleep soundly at night knowing I have my own personal stash.

Flared Porsche

Flared Porsche



Gold SAR3's

Gold SA3R's


June 17, 2009

Artists are people too.

Sometimes I think we, and by we I mean people who are good at math/science and make good money pushing paper for a living forget that even people who are useless with numbers have the ability to understand complex problems, to speak intelligently on subjects of mutual interest, and to make important contributions to society. It takes a certain amount of creativity to solve some of the problems that we’re faced with as engineers/scientists/consultants, but it’s rare that we have to actually create an original body of work. Most of the problems we’re faced with can be solved using simplifying assumptions, approximations, or brute force. It’s just a matter of applying the right algorithms and being organized. 

          I think that the number of people who are capable of capturing and conveying a feeling in a painting or song is significantly smaller than the number of people who can learn how to write code for a numerical solution.  Artists are kind of a big deal.

Those jeans

June 12, 2009

I hope da cool kids start wearing baggy jeans again so I can sag and actually put stuff in my pockets. Wearing fitted jeans makes me feel a lil like a women, cuz the pockets are pretty much superficial.

Ai Guey…

June 9, 2009

6.5 hrs of meeting/training tomorrow, at least 4.5hrs on Wednesday…I want one of those Guey cups you get in Mexico, with a whole bunch of phrases that use Guey…you’ll know it if you see it. I”ll buy u a beverage of your choice if u get me one.