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Math equation, Sara Lee, Famous Amos

April 29, 2009

Reflections from a week in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana:

Mimi’s Cafe>Cracker Barrel>Waffle House>IHOP>Denny’s

Chevy’s Ridin High… Everywhere…. Tons of classic american cars on 20’s, 22’s and bigger. Definitely something you don’t see in so-cal. Kind of already a dead fad in the central valley though.

Houses are really cheap. Even in new communities.  $175,000 gets you 3bd, 2bth on a quarter acre.

Seafood is better and cheaper.  We got huge crawfish for $2.80/lb! Cooked!

Alligator really does taste like chicken.

Even the minorities have thick southern accents, and it throws you off.

All the waitresses call you sweetie or hun.

The insects are viscious.

I’ll prolly never visit any of these states again…


New Year

April 18, 2009

This will be the first time in 4 or 5 years that I’m not going to temple or El Dorado for Cambodian New Year. I’m tempted to get some chicken skewers and a thai ice tea for the sake of nostalgia.


April 11, 2009

My ninera and her husband owned a string on Monte Carlo’s like this one(minus the crazy hydraulics). For some reason the Pachuco aesthetic with metal flake paint and white walls really appeals to me. Maybe it’s the Fresno in me.

For Sale

April 9, 2009

My car is for sale:


Silver 2003 350Z touring,

 44,xxx miles

ACT Clutch

 Fiberglass Nismo V2 bodykit

 Factory DVD Nav

Not as good:

Road rash on wheels

Assorted rock chips and scratches on front splitter.

Small tear in bolstering of driver side seat.

$13,700 obo, will also consider trades or trades+cash for 2002-2003 WRX wagon,  2004-2005 STI,  2003-2005 EVO’s,  and 2001-2002 Audi S4 

E-mail for pics or additional info

Road Star Garage

April 3, 2009

I don’t know why people think E-type jags are anything special. They have documented electrical problems, don’t look as good as 2000GT’s, and aren’t  as rare either. This car is more of a resto-mod than an actual classic, but you could probably buy it for a lot less than an actual 2000GT.

2000 GT Body on a 240Z Chassis

2000 GT Body on a 240Z Chassis


TAS brings out the best and worst of the JDM car scene. Link to the feature: